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The technology's there - so why's everyone still waiting around?

Our Innovation

We're a few people spread around the world that represent a nice mix between innovation and technology. We have been through the trenches and represent decades of technology and business experience. This is our most exciting project yet and we will reveal more about who we are here in the near future.

In the meantime, download the app and let us know what you think as feedback is
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Meet Our Minute Maven

The nextminuteapp concept has its roots in a simple home improvement project. Not long ago, our Founder, Rolv E. Heggenhougen, decided to build an extension to his house. After quickly becoming unsatisfied with the progress made, he fired the Contractor and watched the workers operate much more efficiently by themselves.

Rolv soon discovered that skipping by unnecessary middleman and bringing services directly to the consumer had significant value in today's instant gratification society. Connecting able-bodied professionals with consumers while eliminating wait times is incredibly valuable for all parties - a concept that would lead to the eventual creation of nextminuteapp.

Our visionary started this company with far more than just a vision for an improved Efficiency Economy. He's previously reached significant levels of entrepreneurial success through multiple companies started in Europe and the US - some of which he took public.

The versatile skill set Rolv has gained through these experiences make him the ideal leader for the multi-faceted nature of our platform. Currently, he serves as Chairman of WRAPmail, Inc. - traded publicly in the US under the symbol WRAP - while also being the founder and holding the patent for its technology.